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What are the rental fees and what is included with the price?

Please click on Pricing to view our fee table and the list of amenities included for your event.

How do I reserve a date at the Round Barn for my event?

When you have decided you would like to book the Round Barn, a $200 deposit will need to be made and the rental contract completed in order to secure your date. The remaining balance will need to be paid 2 weeks before your event. Payment can be made with cash, check, and with credit or debit cards. Damages that may occur, and costs incurred, become the responsibility of the person making the reservation.

How many guests are allowed to be present?

The Round Barn can accommodate up to 300 guests throughout the different areas available at our location.

Can I stop by for a tour?

An Open House is held every Tuesday in the reception area of the north wing at the Round Barn. You may tour the barn, both inside and out, in order to get an idea of how our site will work for your event. Open House hours are 1:00pm until 9:00pm. No appointment is necessary to attend our Open House.

Do we have to set-up or take-down our own tables and chairs?

We provide all of the set-up and take-down for every event. General maintenance at the conclusion of your event is also provided by our staff including trash removal, mopping, and cleaning surfaces at no additional cost. Your own decorations and personal items that are brought to the barn will need to be removed by you, and/or your vendors, at the conclusion of the event.

Are decorations provided?

An onsite decorating and rental service is available for an additional charge. We do not provide any decorations other than those that are already in and around the barn. Linen tablecloths are provided for cafe, buffet, and head tables at no additional charge. If you are decorating your own event please note that glitter, confetti, and lit candles are not allowed in the barn to help maintain the historic integrity of the site. Anything nailed or stapled to any area of the barn is also not permitted.

Contact information for decorating service (both on and off site): Sydney Turner 316-617-1726

Can I come early to decorate?

Please do not show up to decorate earlier than the start time set by your contract. Decorating will need to be completed within the time frame paid for. If you need more time to decorate we ask that you contact us to arrange for an additional hourly fee. Early arrivals will not be permitted into the barn venue until the arranged time.

Do you have a Bridal Room available to use?

A changing/staging room is available for the Bridal party to use for up to 2 hours before the start of your ceremony. Personal items must be removed before the ceremony start time.

Can you bring your own alcohol?

If alcohol will be served at your event you may bring your own alcohol but a licensed bartending service is required per the rental agreement.

Do you have specific vendors that have to be used?

You may choose your own vendors to use at your event. If you would like recommendations we would be happy to provide you with companies upon request. Please note that vehicles are not permitted on the ramp to the Round Barn in order to deliver or remove equipment.

What is available onsite for a catering staff to use?

The kitchen area next to the Reception area has a refrigerator, 2 warming ovens, a microwave, and a serving/eating bar. A standing ice chest is also available to cool beverages or other food items. There is also a bar area in the Round Barn available for serving drinks.

Is the Round Barn handicap accessible?

The reception area and Banquet Hall are located in the north wing and both areas, along with the handicap bathroom, are accessible. The Round Barn is also accessible by using the ramp to the front door of the barn. Guests with disabilities may need some assistance accessing the ramp.

Are fires or smoking allowed at the barn?

Smoking is permitted in areas near the parking lot and away from the structure. Fires, fireworks, and sparklers are not permitted at the barn. We want to keep the Round Barn around for as long as possible and part of the barn is made of wood, very old wood.


Round Barn Ranch

9449 S. Woodlawn

Derby, KS 67037



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