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About Us

What started as the dream to build and operate a cross between a bed and breakfast and a dude ranch led to the discovery of the Round Barn on the edge of Derby, Kansas. While searching for a property that would fit our dream, we knocked on the door of Imogene Fleming (the previous owner) and asked if the barn was for sale. The Round Barn was an iconic landmark known by those in the area, often discovered by others when driving by on K-15, but it was not officially for sale. We became friends with Imogene, she eventually decided to sell to us, and so started our new adventure.

The dream evolved and eventually we decided to continue using the site as an event venue since meetings and dances had been hosted here in the past. Our goal since has been to restore and preserve this piece of Kansas history for new generations. Round Barns are a dying architectural form as many of the barns across the country have been demolished instead of trying to reclaim the structure. Extensive repairs were completed the first two years after we took possession and we have continued to make improvements and repairs over the years.

While the Round Barn may not be utilized as an agricultural barn any more, we plan on keeping the integrity of the building intact. We want to continue the tradition of hosting events and providing the opportunity for others to be part of the ongoing history of the Round Barn.


KANSAS! Magazine did a feature in the Spring 2011 issue called "20 Things We Love About Kansas" and the Round Barn was one of them!



Round Barn Ranch

9449 S. Woodlawn

Derby, KS 67037



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